From Israel to New Zealand, Arli Liberman’s background is as interesting as it is diverse. His music seamlessly brings together sounds from both his middle Eartern heritage and Western influences.   Arli builds  expansive soundscapes using purely his electric guitar a multitude of sounds including percussion, string sounds, ambiences, bass and vocals, can be made just by one man, live, and this opens up endless possibilities. Arli has produced many solo albums and international musical collaborations, he has performed for major festivals for peace with Amnesty international and has been part of a an award winning documentary playing with a band with both Israeli and Palestinian musicians.  His unique style, world class talent and ability has led him to perform with the Wanderlust yoga festival across New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, Israel and England.

Guitariste natif d’Israël, et demeurant maintenant en Nouvelle Zélande, Arli par sa guitare électrique, vous transportera dans un monde musical riche et vibrant de musiques utilisant sa guitare créant une multitude de son, incluant percussion, corde et voix. Arli collabore avec les festivals de yoga Wanderlust au niveau international et a fait partie d’un documentaire réalisé par Amnistie International ramenant les musiciens de Palestine et d’Israël ensemble pour la paix.