Dr. Madan Bali

Saturday: Master Class – Yoga for the Evolution of Consciousness, Health, Happiness, Healing and Abundance

Dr. Madan Bali is the founder-director of Yoga Bliss, a research and training centre since 1969, based in Montreal. He was born in Northern India where he developed an interest in a spiritual path from a young age. A long time yoga practitioner, he immigrated to Canada in 1969 and began sharing his knowledge using yoga as a form of therapy and stress management.

For over 45 years Dr. Bali has successfully introduced Yoga in Montreal at several colleges and school boards as part of the curriculum, as well as hospitals, corporations and community centers. He has developed Yoga as a complementary form of therapy in treating psychosomatic disorders. His practical and extensive experience of the therapeutic benefits of Yoga techniques is particularly useful in today’s fast-paced stressful way of life.

Dr. Bali is an extraordinary example of a healthy lifestyle. Now in his nineties, he continues sharing the joy of yoga in his classes and workshops. He is a Vedanta scholar with a Doctorate in Complementary Medicine. He is also one of the best sources of wisdom and knowledge about therapeutic yoga and its applications for wellness in everyday life.

Dr. Bali has developed a unique method of yoga asanas, pranayama, bandhas and kriyas, combined with a metaphysical approach for an evolution of consciousness. Also, his method helps integrate and refine the subtle body, transcending into infinite and timeless essence.

Site web: http://yogabliss.ca/