Rest for Success

By Melanie Richards People ask me why I’m so attracted to teaching Yin Yoga and the truth is, it’s because I need it. The messages I tell my students in class about letting go, relaxing and findin

Prendre le temps

Par Hélène Bélanger-Martin Il y a quelques semaines, j’étais assise autour d’une grande table de conférence avec le comité organisateur d’Expo Yoga 2017. Nous sommes six femmes passionnée

Surviving September

By Melanie Richards I love what I do with a passion. Leading yoga teacher trainings, giving talks and teaching for fundraisers, festivals and the upcoming Expo Yoga is a dream come true – one that I

Yoga Myth Buster

Yoga Myth Buster: “I Can’t Do Yoga Because I Can’t Relax my Mind” By Melanie Richards Last year, international, award-winning DJ Jojo Flores and I were talking about collaborating when I sugg

Daring to feel beautiful

  How Practicing Yoga Can Help You To Love Your Body By Melanie Richards Complaining about the way we look has long been a favourite – albeit unproductive – way for us women to bond.


MANTRA – Instrument de pensée  Racine sanskrit: man –  penser, mental   tra   –  outils, protection, libération  QU’EST-CE QU’UN MANTRA ? Un mantra est un ensemble de mots issus

4 Ways Yoga Teaches Us To Lighten Up!

By Melanie Richards Yoga is a path to Enlightenment In my opinion, the denial of pleasure as a show of commitment to the spiritual path is an outdated paradigm based on old-school religious doctrine.

1000 fois merci!

Expo Yoga, c’est notre rêve! Après un mois sur le web, nous voilà aujourd’hui à 1000 « fans » sur Facebook, rien de moins… Et ce n’est que le début! Nous avons de grandes ambitions et