3 questions to Bram Levinson

Bram Levinson is an internationally acclaimed author (The Examined Life), yoga and meditation teacher, blogger and mentor. We asked him to answer three questions.

Enjoy !

Tell us about a great trip/journey in your life!

In 2008 I went to Greece on vacation, and at the time I was extremely dissatisfied with my career, but I was reluctant to leave it because I didn’t have anything else to fall back on. Before leaving for Greece, I had a conversation with what I understood God to be and asked for a sign to indicate to me that I should leave my job.

While sleeping in Santorini one night and dreaming about work, I was woken up by a male voice that spoke to me in my left ear and told me, “You just have to leave.” I was beyond grateful for that moment. After the holiday ended, I came home and quit my job, which allowed me to pursue my studies in yoga and meditation, while always kickstarting my writing career.

In whose body would you like to reincarnate?

I want to reincarnate into whatever body the soul which animates this present body lands in. I believe that this energy that sparks the “Bram-ness” into the world will continue to make its way into the world in incredible ways, animating the next body into greater spheres of healing, knowledge and inspiration.

As a yogi, what is your biggest challenge off the mat?

My biggest challenge as a yogi operating in this modern world is to remind myself that the physical world, the “human experience”, is but a fraction of what’s going on. I constantly remind myself to use spiritual sight to see beyond the literal, physical world of details and chaos to the undercurrent of meaning and symbolism that animates it all. This brings me from a place where I find myself unconsciously reacting to events to a place where I find myself consciously responding to events.

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