Do Chanting Mantras work for Inner healing?

By Lea Longo, an expert in the field of meditation music, mantras, vocal chanting and mindfulness Meditation; her voice has appeared in many Hollywood Tv shows & movies and has been described as “Spiritually Rewarding”.  Lea leads workshops, private meditation, life coaching sessions and group sessions with live music.

Many times I hear does chanting mantras actually work?  Do I reach ultimate bliss by chanting and heal my emotions?

The science behind mantras lies in the sound and the vibration. Mantras are ancient sacred texts that were orally transcribed over thousands of years ago from ancient sages. They have stated that mantras have “spiritual powers” or “invocations”. The truth is, when we chant these mantras, we create a new reality within our existence through the vibration of the sounds.  Ok, so what’s the buzz really about? Do they actually work in healing my emotions?

Not Just woo wooo – it’s a Science!  

There is an actual science behind this. In Kundalini Yoga, we call it the the Shabd ( Sound). The Shabd Guru is a very special sound current that uses the technology of the Naad Yoga (Sound Union). Therefore it is not just any sound, but a primal sound. Each primal sound is a unit that is pronounced by a particular part of the mouth. When we form a word and we speak it, we utilize the 84 meridian points on the roof of the mouth to stimulate the hypothalamus to change the chemistry of the brain. Not every combination of sounds or words will create patterns of healing or wholeness – therefore the Shabd Guru is unique.

In the science of Naad, there are three key elements that enhance the experience: rhythm, projection and pronunciation. Maintaining a precise rhythm of the mantra as well as maintaining the correct number of beats with the mantra is crucial to its effectiveness.

Why should this matter?

When something is bothering you, your mind is the creator, maintainer and sufferer of the problem. Changing your mind (not as easy as it sounds) about the problem when your mind is troubled, is like trying to sweep the dirt under the rug. Stepping off the rug and outside your mind to change your mind about the problem is key. Mantras can help do this.

There are also many different types of mantras you can use. In this post, we are talking about sanskrit and gurmukhi mantras; there are healing mantras, devotional mantras, celebration mantras, love mantras and a thousand more mantras you can study and use, for your own personal benefit . There are also English mantras you can use to “affirm” or align your energy with. They are called affirmations. Affirmations are sometimes a good place to start if you feel uncomfortable chanting a foreign language. A simple Affirmation can be anything as simple as “I AM______ ». (fill in the blanks).  I was thinking love ….

Treating your mental well-being with mantras

Sometimes I get asked why I am so happy all the time. I have to confess, mantras was my therapy and still is when I am feeling a bit “off of center”.

Now, I cannot say that mantras will work for everyone as everyone has their own degree of discomfort or pain, and everyone’s mental state is very different.

At first, knowing thy self is key and accessing the core of the problem can greatly improve the effectiveness of mantra chanting when practised daily.

Sometimes it may take a few sessions, sometimes just one session can help. Whatever your level of discomfort, I invite you to give it a try, you may just get hooked!

Happy Chanting!


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