At the dawn of her 40th birthday, Melanie wanted to create a major event related to her passion, YOGA. Katrina crossed her path just at the right time.  They were introduced by a mutual friend (Thanks, Mel!). From their very first conversation, it seemed totally inevitable that they would work together.  So both yogi entrepreneurs met, connected, and decided to “jump in.” They complement each other perfectly and want to make a difference in the lives of Quebecers, by making them discover or rediscover the different faces of yoga. Melanie and Katrina are passionate women brimming with energy who wish to share, connect, nourish, and inspire Quebec’s yoga community.


Born in Notre-Dame-des-Bois, Katrina had the privilege of growing up on a farm.  Her parents instilled in her passion for the outdoors, sports, health, and nutrition.  Katrina also spent her whole high school years in a “programme sport-études” for figure skating where she put her determination to the test and learned the importance of discipline.

Katrina stood out early in her career when she accepted a market development job, allowing her to move to New York and rub elbows with the greatest chefs in the city.  She then had the opportunity to start the Voir Estrie as the general manager director before moving on in her career as a sales manager for Voir Montreal.  In 2010, she joined the sales management team at La Presse where she contributed to the success of the LP+ digital platform during its implementation.

After she discovered yoga in 2002, Katrina started exploring different aspects of the practice by participating in various workshops and retreats around the world.  In 2011, after a bicycle accident in Bali, Katrina was forced to reimagine her practice.  That’s when she brought her yoga experience to the next level and undertook her training to become a yoga instructor at Naada School in Montreal, a 500-hour course.

Katrina now co-owns Origine Yoga with her husband and mainly teaches children (Rainbow Yoga Training). She believes that this discipline can make a difference in everyone’s life and significantly contribute to society’s collective well-being.


From a family of athletes and naturopathy pioneers, Mélanie is passionate about yoga, nutrition, alternative medicine, overall health, running, and traveling.  From a young age, she was taught a very particular motto, and it will follow her, her whole life.

« A sound mind in a healthy body »

Melanie got involved into the event planning family business, Pluri Congrès, right out of university.  The beginning of her career had her juggling several job titles: Chief executive officer, executive director, coordinator, communications director, and human resources, as well as sitting on the organizational and scientific committees of events she managed.

Her business sense led her to coordinate major events such as Expo Art Montreal from 2006 to 2008. While Mélanie was pregnant with her first daughter, her mother passed away. Mélanie felt the need to find some roots, so she enrolled in prenatal yoga classes.  That’s all that was needed to develop her passion for yoga.  In 2013, after the birth of her second daughter, Melanie had an even stronger devotion for yoga, and she decided to deepen her practice by enrolling in a number of classes both in Quebec and abroad.

Mélanie sincerely believes that yoga practice brings calmness in her life that allows her to become a well-rounded person while fulfilling her dreams.  By launching Expo Yoga, she can now use her unique event management expertise to put her passion forward—Yoga.